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Bechdel, Talbot, Dillon & More at Drawing Parade!

Posted: November 9, 2012

Here is the full line-ip and schedule of the astounding superstar artists, whose live drawings will be projected onto a giant screen at the free Comica Comiket Independent Comics Fair, tomorrow Saturday November 10th, from 11am to 7pm at the Great Hall of Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH!  All of them will be signing their comics on the day. Come and gaze in awe and wonder as their artworks - including scraperboard and cut-‘out paper drawings - take form before your very eyes!

11.00-11.30: Alison Bechdel - Fun Home, Are You My Mother, Essential Dykes To Watch Out For (Cape)

11.30-12.00: Ellen Lindner - Strumpet and Undertow (Soaring Penguin)

12.00-12.30: Bryan Talbot - Grandville & Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes with Mary Talbot (Cape)

12.30-1.00: Nye Wright  - Things To Do In A Retirement Home Trailer Park (Myriad)

1.00-1.30: Zarina Liew - The Art of Sleep, Le Mime, Rosie & Jacinda (Cobalt Cafe)

1.30-2.00: Kripa Joshi  - Miss Moti (Kripa Kreations)

2.00-2.30: Jaromir 99 - Alois Nebel (Czech graphic novels, now an animated movie)

2.30-3.00: Steven Appleby - Loomus, Coffee Table Book of Doom, Captain Star (Guardian Books)

3.00-3.30: Glyn Dillon - The Nao of Brown (SelfMadeHero)

3.30-4.00: Line Hoven - Love Looks Aways (Blank Slate)

4.00-4.30: Kyle Platts - Megaskull (Nobrow)

4.30-5.00: Doctor Simpo - Ker-Splat!, Things & Stuff, Menshies 3D (Doctor Simpo Comics)

5.00-5.30: Rian Hughes  - Yesterday’s Tomorrows, On The Line (Knockabout/Image)

5.30-6.00: Tobias Tak - Gaboon’s Daymare, The Comix Reader (Comix Reader)

6.00-6.30: Hunt Emerson - Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Dante’s Inferno (Knockabout)

See you there!


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