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Article: Remembering Les Coleman

Posted: January 20, 2013

I was very sad to lose my friend Les Coleman on January 17th. I’d known Les for nearly thirty years, since the early days of Escape Magazine, to which he contributed several incisive book reviews and a double-page article on Charles Adams. I also commissioned him to write for The Cartoon Art Trust News during the Nineties. We both enjoyed exploring and discovering the worlds of underground and alternative comix, small presses, cartoons and art in general - among others his tastes embraced the work of Robert and Aline Crumb especially, Pascal Doury, Rory Hayes, Julie Doucet, Joe Coleman (no relation), Topor, Siné, H.M. Bateman, Diane Noomin, Bill Griffith, Peter Blegvad, Glen Baxter, René Magritte, Ernie Bushmiller, Louis Wain, Patrick Hughes, Herr Seele, Anthony Earnshaw, Caran d’Ache and Mark Beyer. Sharing knowledge and finds, discussing artists and stories, debating comics and art and life, conspiring on projects, always made our times together a pleasure. Read my Tribute here…

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