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Article: Glyn Dillon & The Nao of Brown

Posted: August 30, 2012

A little imagination can be a dangerous thing. What if you snapped your taxi driver’s neck? Stabbed your meditation instructor in the jugular with your pen? Mowed down a kid with your bike? Or opened the emergency door on a plane and let all the passengers be sucked out to their deaths? Nao (pronounced like ‘now’) is a ‘hafu’, the petite daughter of an English mother and an absentee Japanese father, and she has a secret: violent notions unexpectedly swamp her mind. As she confesses, “I get awful thoughts ...… that just hit me ...… like a fucking hammer to the head.” To protect herself, and others, from her Purely Obsessional Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (POCD), Nao hides behind rituals, like repeating the mantra “Mum loves me” or locking the cutlery drawer. She is also trying meditation, though she is always judging herself so harshly, while idealising her teachers and fellow students as wholly and impossibly good. A dazzling, daring graphic novel of over 200 pages, The Nao of Brown marks the return to comics of Glyn Dillon after 15 years of mainly storyboarding and concept design, and struggling to get personal film and TV proposals to the screen. This is also his first work in the medium as a writer. What started in 2008 as an idea for a spare-time project mushroomed into a year’s obsession, filling almost every waking hour, requiring such intensive work that Dillon wound up in hospital two weeks after completing it. Read the rest of my article plus an interview & exclusive extra strip here…

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