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Amazing Deal as The Phoenix Goes Digital!

Posted: January 4, 2013

Happy New Year and Happy First Birthday to The Phoenix! Britain’s brightest and best new weekly story comic launched this time last year, with all-new, all-original humour strips and adventure serials in crisp colour aimed at the 8-12-year old in all of us. A subscriber right from the start, I enjoyed the delivery every Friday of the next issue and collected my copies into the handy binder too.

And now, for their first birthday, The Phoenix has added a whiz-bang digital version of its new weekly editions which comes as an App you can download for free with a brilliant free sample issue to give newcomers a taster. Amazingly, considering the full-price print version costs £2.99 each in the shops, they are offering the next six months’ subscription to the iPad digital version, that’s 24 weekly issues, for only £9.99 - or $13.99 (that’s more than 80% off!) ! Needless to say I’ve subscribed straight away via this link at iTunes and have already downloaded this week’s edition, No. 53 (below), onto my iPad.

It’s a great jumping-on issue with the return of Pirates of Pangaea by Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron, plus a new serial by Nick Abadzis of Hugo Tate and Laika fame, entitled Cora’s Breakfast, plus all the regulars and my absolute favourite funny comic, Star Cat by James Turner.

Panel Nine have created the software for Apple’s Newsstand for iPad service, and they’ve done a great job adapting the whole magazine for the tablet, adding the clever option of a panel mode where you can read each comic one panel at a time, highlighted and enlarged for greater enjoyment. It reads like a breeze, really fluid and intuitive, unlike some clunk, user-unfriendly systems out there.

So what are you waiting for? Make it one of your New Year Resolutions to subscribe to The Phoenix - it also makes a perfect present that last half a year long!  Don’t delay, though, as the massively discounted offer is available only for the first week!

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