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Explore the worlds of comics, graphic novels and manga through my blog, reviews & articles, creator profiles, books, exhibitions and things to do listings. As The Man At The Crossroads, I have been involved in comic publishing and promotion since 1981. Paul Gravett


My Final Co-Curator’s Tours for Comics Unmasked!
Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels October 2014
Don’t Miss Guardian Graphic Novel Masterclass This Sunday!
Batman’s 75th Birthday on Radio One’s Mark Forrest Show!


Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels:
October 2014

Paul Gravett selects the most interesting comics, manga and graphic novels from the publisher advance listings. More...
Posted: July 29, 2014

Emmanuel Guibert:
Memories And Memoirs

From war-torn Afghanistan to L.A. a century ago, Guibert turns his friends' memories into unforgettable memoirs. More...
Posted: July 21, 2014

Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy In The UK:
A Co-Curator's Top Ten Best In Show

Ten outstanding items on display at the British Library's biggest ever exhibition of UK comics in this country. More...
Posted: July 13, 2014

Reinhard Kleist Interview:
Harry Haft - The Boxer

Polish Jewish boxer & Holocaust survivor Harry Haft is the latest subject of Kleist's compelling graphic biographies. More...
Posted: July 6, 2014

Books To Read: Best Graphic Novels:
September 2014

Paul Gravett selects the most interesting comics, manga and graphic novels from the publisher advance listings. More...
Posted: June 30, 2014


Line Hoven:
Love Looks Away

From Germany, a daughter’s attempt to document how her parents grew up, met & married, all in scraperboard. More...
Posted: November 4, 2012

Gary Panter:

He is a master of American comics and has not stopped re-imagining what comics can do. More...
Posted: June 15, 2007

Smoke Outside Please

Like his comics and art, Mustashrik comfortably bestrides multiple media and cross-cultural influences. More...
Posted: December 12, 2010

The Great War In Comics

We forget too easily that wars are not fought by the generals and commanders, but by ordinary people. More...
Posted: September 20, 2009

Gianni De Luca & Hamlet:
Thinking Outside The Box

De Luca's innovative solutions in his Hamlet adaptation are an extraordinary achievement in graphic literature. More...
Posted: April 12, 2009


Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK
Exhibition on the medium's full potential, creative process & issues of gender, violence, sex, class, drugs & politics. More...
Where: PACCAR Gallery, British Library, 96 Euston Rd, NW1 2DB
When: May 2 to August 20, 2014

Stripped 2014 Presents: Art and Anarchy in the UK
Paul Gravett & John Harris Dunning highlight how British comics address politics, gender, violence & sexuality. £7/5 More...
Where: Edinburgh International Book Festival
When: August 24, 2014 8.30-9.30pm


Comics Art:
The 21st Century Medium

Paul Gravett introduces previews from & reviews of his new book from Tate Publishing & Yale University Press. More...
Posted: November 4, 2013

1001 Comics:
You Must Read Before You Die

Paul Gravett explains the motivation behind his gigantic new 960-page guide to comics. More...
Posted: October 1, 2011

Graphic Novels:
An Introduction

What are graphic novels? The term has become distorted with prejudices and preconceptions. More...
Posted: June 6, 2009

An Introduction

The flood of translated manga is only the tiniest toenail clipping of the big, scary Godzilla that is manga. More...
Posted: April 23, 2006

Great British Comics:
An Introduction

Contrary to some claims that British comics are dead, in fact they continue to this day and are thriving. More...
Posted: July 30, 2006

Best Crime Comics:
Every Shade Of Noir

Fasten your seat belt, you're in for a foot-to-the-floor ride through a compendium of the cream of crime comics. More...
Posted: August 24, 2008


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